Anna = office supply item, Ian = guest speaker

I'd been researching couples costumes for Halloween this year. Then the department head invited Ian to go back to K-State on Halloween weekend to speak to students about internship opportunities. It was a huge honor, so of course he said yes. (Plus you really can't turn down a free trip.)

Thus began my quest for an amazing Halloween costume for Dan and Kristin's Costume Brew ha ha.

dan + kristin halloween party

I settled on Post-It note. Creative, simple, inexpensive, and most importantly, not too flashy while riding the T (as Ian wouldn't be there to fend off decked out drunk guys). Original idea credit goes to a random girl in an English class my junior year.

Saturday evening, I showed up at Dan and Kristin's looking like this.

anna in post it note costume for halloween

We had a memorable evening of sweets, Catchphrase, and Pictionary. I thoroughly embarassed myself in Pictionary — so much so I'm unwilling to share the details. And to add insult to injury, the guys routed the ladies in both games. Just wait until Valentines, when we exact our revenge.


In the meantime, Ian had a great trip. Over 70 people showed up for his presentation on great Boston spaces, and he enjoyed talking to students and faculty about preparing for internships, graphics (especially sketching), and sitting in on classes as a guest critic. K-State, the department, and studio are all like family and he loved spending time with everyone. Add that to dinner and football with Nathan and Caleb as well as Deb and Jim, and you get one happy husband. Throw in some dust jacket protective covers from the Dusty Bookshelf and a trip to the jewelry store for a wedding ring cleaning, and you get a happy wife, too.

And by now, you might be curious about those couples costumes I found. Bazinga! You'll just have to wait until next year.