Catherine and the original Boston cream pie

boston cream pie at the omni-parker hotel

Last week, Catherine was in town for a food and nutrition convention. Even though her schedule was packed (when your grad school pays, you can't miss anything), she managed to squeeze in an evening with us.

After work on Monday, we met her at her hotel downtown then headed straight for the Omni-Parker House, home of the original Boston cream pie.

We walked in to old money elegance — dark wood, high ceilings, gilt molding, plush carpet. Feeling mildly out of place, Ian led us on to the hotel restaurant where the maĆ®tre d’ apologized, but as we didn't have reservations he couldn't squeeze us in until after eight. Catching a glimpse of the restaurant interior and patrons, perhaps this was for the best — I'm not sure our attire was quite up to snuff.

Instead, we opted for The Last Hurrah — the hotel bar — for a relaxed dinner while still indulging in that Boston classic at it's birthplace. We caught up over clam chowder, stew, and chili before splitting dessert. It was gone in 5 minutes.

formerly a boston cream pie

After dinner, we wandered around Beacon Hill and the Common, and Catherine told us more about Hershey — the man, the company, and what it's like to work there. It was a lovely evening despite the rain.

Catherine, it was great to see you and we'll be taking up your offer to visit Hershey!