Eagle's Deli, or John and Erin move to Boston

Almost two weeks ago, John and Erin arrived in Boston with a moving truck. We're so excited to have them here in Boston, just a ride away on the green line!


Fox was able to leave work early and help them unload in the afternoon. By the time Ian and I arrived at their new apartment, everything was inside. So instead of revealing my lack of muscle, we admired John, Erin, and Fox's sheer moving power, then told our commute story.

November 2, you might recall, was an election day. To fulfill our civic duty, we made a pit stop on the way to John and Erin's. Post-vote, we discussed the candidates as we passed the elevators on our way out. Then we heard a yell and a thud.

Our polling location happens to be in an independent living apartment building for older folks. Ian and I turned around to see an elderly Asian woman on the floor in a puddle of blue Tide with bleach alternative. Ian checked to make sure she was okay and helped her up while another man went to get paper towels. The woman kept apologizing, but we were just glad she wasn't hurt. Between her sorries, we learned her husband hadn't tightly replaced the detergent cap. It must have leaked as she got off the elevator and she slipped in the inevitable puddle, flinging soap everywhere. I couldn't help but think of an episode of Fringe where an off-the-charts genius sets chains of events in motion by doing something mundane — dropping a pen or perhaps unscrewing a laundry detergent lid.

We cleaned off a few more soap globs at John and Erin's before the five of us headed out for dinner at Eagle's Deli, of Man vs. Food fame.

I finished my food. Ian didn't. Those are some pretty big bragging rights.

expressions are priceless

Clean plate or not, they were excellent burgers, and we're glad we got to share that Boston first with John and Erin. Welcome to the neighborhood!