TJ's chocolate palette world tour

Several months ago, Trader Joe's offered a special stack of chocolate bars. Dark chocolate bars from eight different countries, each with a distinct flavor and recommended pairing. Ian and I love this sort of thing (evidenced in our Jones Soda reviews), and I'm a huge fan of dark chocolate. So we tossed it into the cart.

chocolate palette world tour

We're still working through the bars — for some reason we've been unmotivated to pick up the recommended pairing items so they're chilling in our fridge. Yes, I know that discolors the chocolate. But it was the only way for the chocolate to survive the hot, humid late summer months — room temperature butter was puddling so you can imagine what chocolate bars would have looked like sitting out. I digress.

To motivate us into finishing our grand chocolate world tour, I'm blogging about it. Watch for reviews soon!