Advent Conspiracy: goats and chickens

advent conspiracy

Goats thrive in harsh climates. Goats provide milk, which families can also use to make cheese and yogurt. Kids get healthy nutrition and the family can sell the extra at market. Goats poop, which fertilizes crops and gardens. Goats make baby goats. Families can sell baby goats, providing nutrition and income for another family. Money buys food, bedding, and schooling. Educated kids can pursue their dreams and make a difference, improving their community.

Chickens don't require a lot of money, space or food to thrive and grow. Chickens provide eggs — a great source of protein and income. Chicks hatch. Families can sell or share chicks. Other families now have chickens, providing eggs and income.

Communities changed by goats and chickens. or sheep. or HIV/AIDS care. or music lessons. or soccer balls. or fruit trees. or mosquito nets. or sewing machines. The World Vision catalog has options.

My family has donated through World Vision for a long as I can remember, so when it was time for me to start giving back, it was an easy decision (although I know there are many other great organizations). They are responsible — four stars on charitynavigator.com, and they share our commitment to unconditional love and compassion. And as of last year, it's Pomplamoose approved (click here for info on this year's Pomplamoose Christmas album).

I really appreciate how the gift catalog allows you to make this sort of giving very personal. When my grandpa, a farmer, passed away last Christmas, we gave my grandma seeds in his memory. Does your cousin like cuddly animals? Give rabbits. Is your brother finance oriented? Fund a microloan. Is your uncle a doctor? Give medicine. It's the thoughtfulness of a present with the all joy of making an impact.

And if you're looking for a bigger step, consider sponsoring a child as a family for Christmas. It's a beautiful thing to build a relationship with someone across the world. Ian and I are so blessed to see an artist and athlete grow up, knowing we're sharing what we've been given to help him and his family have a better life.

This Christmas, sponsor a child, fund a microloan, give a goat, and change a community.