Christmas can [still] change the world.

For the second time, we're going through Advent Conspiracy with Reunion.

advent conspiracy

I've heard several people say they prefer Thanksgiving to Christmas because there's no stress — just a great meal with friends and family. Which begs the question, why is Christmas stressful? Does it have to be? Isn't the point of giving gifts to share love?

Answer: Advent Conspiracy. This year we're giving more relationally — presents with meaning and purpose, and scaling back to give more. Take away the time and money wasted on obligation gifts, and you have more left for enjoying the season and sharing what matters — joy, love, freedom — with everyone, near and far.

If you'd like to join the conspiracy, over the next several days I'll share some of our favorite gifts that keep giving. And we'd love to hear how you're making Christmas _more_ [relational, intentional, meaningful, joyful] with _less_ [stress, spending, obligation, stuff].

For Advent Conspiracy ideas, click here.