Who goes bowling on a Saturday morning?

sacco's bowl haven

Two weekends ago, we joined the Reunion leadership community for some candlepin bowling in Davis Square. While Sacco's has renovated (everyone who went last year was amazed) and added a tasty flatbread kitchen, the lanes remain delightfully old school.

get your game shoes on

We claimed a lane with Dan and Kristin and got right to it. The bowling balls are tiny and the pins are (you guessed it) straight and skinny. It's surprisingly difficult, even though each turn is three balls. Downed pins remain where they fall, adding a new dimension — you can aim strategically for fallen pins to take out several others. I attempted this on multiple occasions, mostly throwing it into the gutter.

ian's champion form

Like regular bowling, Ian destroyed my score, as did Dan and Kristin.

final scores

BUT I bowled a strike, and was the only one in the Reunion group to do so. Apparently it's hard, and I still can't figure out how I did it. I can still brag, right?


With or without the strike, we had a great time doing something so New England. And the unpredictability is entertaining. Who knows? Maybe next time I'll finally beat Ian...