20 inches.

We're still catching up from our extended Christmas vacation. We have an apartment to clean, photos to upload, groceries to purchase, bills to pay, laundry to wash, a belated Christmas letter to write, thank you notes to mail, blog posts to edit. But in the meantime, it snowed.

this seat's taken

The T was still running, so the office was still open. Even though a snow day would have been nice (see above), it meant we got to experience a beautiful snowfall.

waiting for the bus
weaving through the trees
the water gets slushy

And then there's today. Of all days to forget my camera at home. The puffed up doves sitting on a branch along the river. The brilliant white snow sliding off tree branches. The mountains of snow in every parking lot. The sleds leaned next to front doors.

Thankfully, there are loaner cameras at work. Because my 365 project has helped me learn my camera, using something else feels like driving an unfamiliar car. But it still gets you there. So I borrowed one and Ian and I spent lunch outside.

to the overlook
tiny pinecones
across the charles

I'm enjoying the view while it lasts.

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