70.1 inches and counting

We've had a lot of this.


And not enough of this.

sunshine after the storm

We're almost up to Shaq's shoulders in snow, and more is in the 7-day forecast. At the beginning of February, we're 37.5 inches away from the record, which counts snowfall through April. They trucked off piles to snow farms, i.e. empty lots, to make room for this week's predictions. Last night, we were the middle of a snowstorm sandwich.

Thankfully, my boots arrived yesterday with the first flurries — Wellies with warmers.

l.l. bean with wellie warmers

A cheery butter color, they're comfy, not too heavy, and did great commuting in this morning's "wintry mix." I'm anticipating I'll love them even more in our chilly, rainy springs. This is an investment in something that will last (unlike my previous cheap pair), so there's less waste (inspired by my Christmas present from Nathan). But if they do crack, L.L. Bean has an amazing guarantee and return policy.

I know it's not the same as "real" snow boots, but thanks to our winter, the cute-yet-functional options are sold out everywhere. I still ordered a pair so I'll have them for next winter. But at the rate we're going, we'll still have snow when those arrive in April — I don't trust Phil.

We're trying not to let the snow get to us. It helps we don't have to shovel and we have no car to perpetually dig out. Ian summed it up when we heard this week's forecast. "Go big or go home."