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Less than two years ago, I was captivated by this view out of the plane window as we flew into Narita, a layover on the way to the Philippines. While we spent only a handful of hours in the airport, I was amazed by the beauty, technology, and courtesy of the people. Their security was thorough, but thoughtful. They said please and thank you to everyone, and I will never forget one officer gently tucking a little girl's baby doll into the bin before sending it through the scanner.

When I heard about the earthquake, I couldn't imagine that beautiful scene shaken and buried under water and debris. Then I saw the media coverage. We listened to our Japanese coworkers who are still trying to reach friends and family, hearts broken.

Ian and I aren't entirely sure how to respond. Haiti, New Zealand, now Japan. When do we give? Where do we give? What do we do?

We don't have answers for these questions, but I do know we are called to pray for the people who are hurting and the land that is broken. And I'm encouraged by the compassion shown so far.

There are many ways to help, but a few caught my attention.

01. World Vision has served in Japan for over two decades and has an emergency response team on the ground. They are paying particular attention to the needs of the children uniquely hurting from this disaster.

02. Text support — I learned via @WorldVisionUSA, AT&T and Verizon are waving the fee for text donations to various relief organizations. For a list of options, click here.

03. Architecture for Humanity will be offering assistance with reconstruction. Your donation will go towards the "last response" wave to build meaningful and lasting solutions. If you're in the design profession, you can also donate your time and expertise to this cause.
"We are now facing the most tragic disaster in our country's history."
Kenjiro Ban, WV Humanitarian + Emergency Affairs Manager
flight - japan (our first view of fuji)