a March thankful list

tillandsia ionantha

01. Hulu when Ian has to work on weekends
02. a late night movie date with Erin at the Coolidge Corner Theatre
03. Trader Joe's orange strawberry banana juice
04. Financial Peace University and our renewed commitment to following a new budget
05. Google Docs to make a spiffy budget spreadsheet
06. strawberry mochi ice cream
07. air plants
08. vacuum cleaners
09. Pinterest
10. music at [REUNION]
11. last Sunday's "after 21 weeks we made it through Exodus" celebration
12. a God who loves me no matter how many times I break His heart
13. the new message series on the Lord's Prayer
14. people who fight, and enable others to fight, slavery around the world
15. open washers and dryers right when we head downstairs to do laundry
16. method cleaners — eco-friendly + amazing scents (almond! eucalyptus mint!)
17. bite-sized chocolate chip cookie dough bits in the freezer
18. Ian — always.