Anna+Ian in the DR


At our first [REUNION] gathering, we heard about a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. At the time we weren't in a position to go. But over the following year we heard countless stories of the relationship between our church community and a Dominican family. How they pray daily for our church. How we sent them a video Christmas card singing "Feliz Navidad." How they have sacrificed so much to minister to their neighbors. How we enable them to keep serving.

Through G.O. Ministries, [REUNION] partners with Pastor Luis Vargas and his family in the Dominican Republic. The Vargas family works tirelessly to share God's light and love with their impoverished neighborhood, La Mosca - a place held hostage by disease, addiction, crime, illiteracy, and malnutrition.

For the past four years, [REUNION] has given financially, provided for special needs (like a ministry-enabling truck), and even more importantly, supported them relationally. Each year, [REUNION] sends a team to help with construction, offer a medical clinic, and encourage Pastor Luis's family.

Out of a desire to missionally serve together, and following God's lead, we're joining this year's team. The trip will take place August 2-9.

We know we can't do this alone, which is why we're asking for your help. Interested? Here's what you can do.

PRAY - the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of serving, even short term, in such an impoverished area are not inconsequential. Please pray, especially during the trip, for our team's health and safety, and that we would make a meaningful impact on the Vargas family and our own lives.

GIVE online to help cover the cost of our materials and travel at www.reunioninthedr.com. You'll need to register, but it takes seconds! Or you can mail a check payable to [REUNION] Christian Church at 30 The Fenway, Unit #1, Boston, MA 02215 - please mention the DR trip and our names in the memo. Electronic or paper, your gift is tax deductible.

We encourage you to donate before May 15, but we're happy to take donations through June 15 (pending an update to the team's fundraising schedule). We need $1800+ each to cover airfare (still finalizing cost), room + board, and G.O. fee to cover supplies and support missionaries and staff on-site. Once our trip is funded, your money will go toward other trip costs and to support the Vargas family.

To help the team raise funds, [REUNION] is holding a DR Art Market before and after both gatherings on May 2 + 8. We'll be offering special edition sets of Boston postcards. Since we know not everyone can make it, we'll send one of the three limited edition sets for all online + mailed donations of $25 and above (again, please mention our names in the memo so we know to send you postcards).

DONATE medical supplies for the clinic and/or warm weather clothes which we will give away in Hato del Yaque and La Mosca.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact either of us, and/or leave a comment below. You can also learn more and see photos and videos from past trips at www.reunioninthedr.com. We'll keep you up-to-date here on the blog via our A+I in the DR page (linked in the menu above).

Thanks so much for your generosity toward God's work in La Mosca!