a date with a landscape architect

During Ian's internship in Philadelphia, we visited our friends Daniel and Megan in Boston, also on internship. While roaming the city, Megan and I came up with a list — "you might be an architect's wife if..."

And I thought of this list when Ian suggested we explore the city a few Saturdays ago.

"I thought we could check out Boston College, Harvard, MIT... It'll be romantic — we can hold hands."

"You're trying to trick me into helping you research campus entryways, aren't you."


Saturday morning we took the T to Boston College and assessed both entrances.

boston college campus entry
boston college campus entry

We then took the T to MIT, and had a rousing conversation on potential strategies for separating pedestrians, bikes, and vehicles.

mit campus bike lane
mit stata center signage

It was a cold day, so to warm up we cut through a few buildings. And we happened upon the mood meter. It worked (not surprising — it's MIT). Weird date = happy.

mit mood meter - happiness +
mit lawn

We then walked from MIT across the Harvard Bridge and on to Northeastern.

citgo across the river
northeastern school of law building

The romance factor was significantly reduced by the cold, but he did buy me this sweet birthday cake pop:


(And we held hands.)