not from the neighborhood

A few weeks ago, Ian peered out the bedroom window while on the phone with his dad. "ANNA! There's a turkey!" It took me a moment to realize he mean a live one.

I threw on my rainboots and decided to photograph the event paparazzi style, following the turkey to a house down the street.

wild turkey walks through neighborhood.
wild turkey heads to front door.

She wanted to meet the neighbors...

wild turkey contemplates saying hello.

...but they didn't answer the door.

wild turkey distracted by plush lawn.

Then she confronted the paparrazzi.


And like any good starlet, ran away.

wild turkey trots toward backyard.

Families of wild turkeys live along the Emerald Necklace, but they don't often venture as far as our street. Our unusual visitor brightened an otherwise dreary weekend.