thankful list | April

line of daffodils

01. spring flowers
02. getting to watch the marathon
03. rediscovering origami
04. Starbucks birthday cake pops
05. crafty friends
06. books
07. fruit
08. WiiFit Plus
09. using my social media experience at work
10. our Easter box from Micki (diy dirt cups + family heirlooms)
11. Cabot cheddar cheese
12. Jesus's sacrifice to bring heaven to earth
13. quiche on our usual meal rotation (I make crust and Ian fills it)
14. MBTA operator 70185 - best bus driver on our commute!
15. the vase of yellow tulips in our living room
16. weeping cherry trees
17. Ian experimenting with pasta making
18. discount codes for moo.com
19. rain cleaning pollen out of the air and alleviating my allergies
20. surving the Run of the Charles