they're not in Kansas (again): the airport and the ivy

Mom, Dad, and Nathan arrived two Saturdays ago to cool weather and predictions of rain. Not an auspicious start to summer vacation. But sunshine or not, we were excited to see them!

(Their flight from Kansas was domestic — Southwest flies into Logan's international terminal. Go figure.)

Like last summer, we kicked off their visit with Jewish comfort food at Zaftigs. The rain began just as we started digging into our knish and kugel. After dinner, we picked at the last of the french fries and guessed the gender of our pregnant waitress's baby (boy). Still it rained. The kitchen closed, and we were forced to acknowledge the inevitable: the walk home would be wet. Dad settled the bill (thanks Dad!) and we headed out the door, huddled under two umbrellas. Picking our way down the street, stuffed with challah french toast and corned beef, we hoped the forecasters were wrong about the coming week.

Sunday morning was cool and overcast, but sans precipitation. After [REUNION] and brunch at Charley's, we crossed our fingers and headed to Boston College, then Harvard, so Nathan (future planner) could experience a few Boston campuses.

walking through the labyrinth
tanner fountain + chairs

Dad had an ulterior motive: collect evidence demonstrating how Cornell's ivy (fig. A) is significantly more impressive than Harvard's (fig. B).

Figure A
dad is proud of that ivy

Figure B
"where is harvard's ivy?"

We finished the evening at another favorite restaurant — FuGaKyu, where we convinced Dad to try the sushi. Growing up, I thought of Dad as a fearless eater. He bragged about eating dog and boa constrictor during his time in Indonesia, so I was shocked to learn he'd never before tried sushi. Something I, pickiest eater of the family, tried (under loving duress from my then-boyfriend Ian) and now enjoy. Ian decided to push the limits with sea urchin, but they were fresh out so he settled for mentaiko — spicy cod roe. I stuck with the spicy tuna and Philadelphia rolls. Nathan, the only family member to try balut (link warning — not for the faint of stomach) with Ian, loved everything. Mom and Dad also gave their stamp of approval, even though they aren't sushi aficionados.

Stay tuned for hockey and Boston Cream Pie.

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