they're not in Kansas (again): Bruins fever

Monday evening, while Ian was stuck at the office thanks to an impending deadline, I left early to meet up with the family. We wandered around the Public Garden, where all of the statues seemed excited about the upcoming Bruins game.

general washington: bruins #1
mrs. duck + brood

And Nathan was excited about impersonating another Boston animal statue.

nathan, dwight, and kris

We ended up at The Last Hurrah, a (cheaper-than-the-restaurant) bar at the Omni-Parker House (hotel — Mom didn't realize this until the waitress asked if we wanted to charge the bill to our room), for incredible chowder and the original Boston Cream Pie. The Oyster House may have the atmosphere, but the Parker House has the flavor.

Tuesday contained their last-minute day trip to NYC via the Chinatown bus, departing at 6 a.m. and arriving back in Boston at 2 a.m. Much to my dissapointment, they didn't make it onto Cash Cab.

After walking and riding all over Manhattan, riding on buses for eight hours, and taking a, shall we say challenging, cab ride back to the hotel, Mom, Dad, and Nathan were tired. So we decided to take it easy Wednesday. They came over to our apartment for dinner and Ian rolled out a batch of homemade spaghetti. Then we headed back to their hotel for free cable to watch the game (seven, Stanley Cup). Within minutes of turning on the tv, Mom was cheering loudly for the Bruins. We'll have to get her some gear for Christmas. We stayed long enough to watch several Bruins players make laps around the rink with the Stanley Cup, and watch several Canucks fans toss their jerseys into a bonfire.


Ian and I headed home and fell asleep to the sound of firecrackers, car horns, and yells in the distance.

Stay tuned for Ian's birthday celebration.

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