Chihuly: Through the Looking Glass

For our birthdays, my family gave Ian and I a membership to the Museum of Fine Arts. The museum is huge and amazing, and impossible to squeeze into one day. We're looking forward to wandering through on our own time, without the pressure to squeeze every penny out of a $25 ticket.

lime green icicle tower | dale chihuly

Chihuly: Through the Looking Glass is one of the current exhibits (through August 7). I've been a fan since seeing the wheat-inspired orange Chihuly chandelier at K-State's Beach Museum of Art. After constant reminders via T ads, we finally planned our art date after [REUNION] a few Sundays ago.

Of all the modern art galleries we've experienced (only a handful) Chihuly seems the most accessible. People talked, photographed — Chihuly "invites visitors to take pictures for personal, non-commercial use," and examined each piece from every angle. And it was breathtaking.

ikebana boat | dale chihuly
northwest room | dale chihuly
persian ceiling | dale chihuly
persian ceiling | dale chihuly
neodymium reeds on logs | dale chihuly

A shoulder injury 30 years ago left him unable to blow glass, so he hires craftsmen to execute his vision, which he communicates through paintings. Some of these were on display. I was inspired by his process — using tubes of paint as loaded brushes, and how his paintings capture the movement of the glass art it informs.

lime green icicle tower | dale chihuly

The exhibit closes soon, but the MFA is raising money to keep the lime green icicle tower in the Shapiro Family Courtyard. I have my fingers crossed for it to stay.

ian and anna after chihuly