Anna + Ian in the DR: another Skype session

skype with luis

We were able to Skype with Luis and Dilson a couple Fridays ago. He and his family are doing well: Jason is adjusting to the poly-technical school he started a month ago and is starting to enjoy it, Dilson is studying hard and eating well, and Reina passed with flying colors the tests she took while we were there in pursuit of her degree (I think in psychology and/or teaching?). Luis, who just got back from a G.O. retreat, was beaming as usual, sharing how they miss us, can't wait for us to come back, and are continually praying for us. It's a good reminder to be more intentional in praying for them, our friends and partners.

La Mosca continues to have issues with violence, but they are making progress. A few households can't make it to Sunday services, so Luis goes to their homes and holds mini-services, which neighbors also attend. He also asked us to pray for twins Juan and Jose; people in our group have gotten to know them over the past couple years. They've been busy working (they have a large family to support) and missing services. Luis wants to make sure they continue to grow in their faith. He also updated us on his son Luicito (pre-Reina in Luis's street thug days). Luicito isn't happy with his life away from God, but continues to put off commitment to change. They continue to love on him, and I know they would appreciate prayer.

We hope you can continue to pray for the Vargas family and La Mosca alongside us!