countdown to iPhones

We've been saving up as we waited for the lastest iPhone model announcement and release. (If you only knew how easily I get lost in Boston, you'd understand why I'm really going to benefit from an upgrade to a smart phone.)

We aren't getting them tomorrow. We're nerdy enough to wait in line, but we already have other plans. Which works out pretty well for us. We want to make sure our investments are protected from day 1, and the delay gives us flex time to wait for our personalized cases to arrive. (Guess which one's mine...)

uncommon cases

Uncommon has a simple interface for designing iPhone + iPod cases.

01. Upload your own image or use one from their library.
02. Position and resize until you're happy.
03. Order.

We've heard great reviews from friends and well-loved blogs: they're good cases, and their printing technology really doesn't scratch or peel. As quasi-designers/artists, we were thrilled to find out this was a possibility within reach, for not significantly more than in-store options ($35-40 + shipping). Confession: that Uncommon only makes iPhone cases factored into my phone decision.

Ecstatic photos with the real things (cases + iPhones) in the near future.