our musical advent calendar, day 21

Inspired by Pinterest, Anna wanted to do an advent calendar. And inspired by Advent Conspiracy, she wanted to make it about presence, not presents. Ian had a brilliant idea to use music. We each picked out some of our favorite Christmas songs and will be counting down with festive tunes.

day 21. "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" - Burl Ives

This song, from the 1964 classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” takes me back to my childhood. We never really watched the Christmas classics as a family - usually just caught them on TBS, but this one I distinctly remember watching with the whole fam. It’s one of those old-timey, quintessential movies and tunes that adds a little flair to the season. Plus, with the mistletoe and by-golly’s in there, it’s just plain fun. In a way, I kind of feel like I wouldn’t be a true American if I didn’t listen to this song...

Have a holly, jolly Christmas;
It's the best time of the year 
I don't know if there'll be snow, 
but have a cup of cheer. 

Have a holly, jolly Christmas; 
And when you walk down the street 
Say Hello to friends you know 
and ev'ryone you meet. 

Oh, ho, the mistletoe
hung where you can see; 
Somebody waits for you; 
Kiss her once for me. 

Have a holly jolly Christmas, 
and in case you didn't hear, 
Oh by golly, have a holly, jolly Christmas
this year.

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