a Christmas date to the Nutcracker

We kept extra busy this Christmas season with working, being sick (I was super successful at that one for a whole week), and blogging our musical advent calendar. Who knew keeping up a daily blog series for 25 days straight would be so time consuming? But we did carve out some time for a special Christmas date.

Ian sent me a Google calendar invite (nerd alert) for a surprise date, and bought tickets to the Nutcracker. As I mentioned in our advent calendar, I've watched the PBS broadcast almost annually on Christmas night, but had never seen it live. Ian, ever the thoughtful romantic husband, decided to change that.

We started with pork soup dumplings at the Dumpling Cafe. Nothing can replace Din Tai Fung, which we discovered on our year-and-a-half-moon in Singapore, but it's as close as we can get in Boston.

Oh how I love juicy pork dumplings

Then we were off to the opera house.

the nutcracker

This year's Nutcracker performance was the last season with the current set, costumes, and choreography. Which were amazing. We both couldn't believe how many times they changed the set during each act, and the dancing was beautiful. We especially loved the bear (who might be retiring to the south of France now that his 20 years of ballet have come to an end) and the mechanical toys. That a dancer can make you believe he or she is a wind up doll is astonishing.

the nutcracker

We also enjoyed people watching. The Boston Opera House is a stunning piece of architecture, and a wide range of people sat in the audience, from elderly couples that probably were patrons of the ballet to folks that looked like they would be more comfortable in Southie eating pizza. All of the kids were dressed in their Christmas best. It almost makes me wish I had gotten a special Christmas dress. But even in our cozy sweaters, we fit right in.

the nutcracker

Ian, thanks so much for a great evening. I love being married to you.