Concrete Aspirations 2011 in summary

These 28 things were my concrete aspirations for 2011, which backfired a bit. I didn't pressure myself to knock it all out, so I ended up not accomplishing much at all and then feeling bad about leaving so much unfinished. If I had tried harder and managed my time a little better (i.e. watched less TV and spent less time online), I could have done more: they're all things I really want to do. But I also know I'm not a super hero. For 2012, I'm reducing the number and getting even more specific in hopes of being more successful. (Items in italics were started but not completed.)
  1. Go through the Tagalog Rosetta Stone lessons - do at least one a week. (Didn't get started: we need to reassess our language lesson access, but I really want to learn.)
  2. Read 3 of Ian’s creation care books. (Serve God Save the Planet, Green Revolution, Kingfisher's Fire)
  3. Write something for “Riding with Charlie” once a month. (I only did this the first couple months...)
  4. Keep my inbox under a maximum of 25 email at any given time - I get stressed when it piles up. (While it sometimes fluctuates over 25, I'm procrastinating less, so I'll call this mission accomplished.)
  5. Upload our professional wedding photos to Flickr for peace of mind.
  6. Learn two quick, cute ways to style my new haircut.
  7. Organize and clean up photos in iPhoto.
  8. Make one new soup each month - most soups are healthy, right? (Another goal that fizzled out...)
  9. Make grandma’s cinnamon rolls, rolls, angel food cake, and potato sausage.
  10. Eat fruit and veggies at lunch and dinner for one month (in theory this will turn into habit). (This wasn't as trackable as I thought it would be, but our fruits and veggies intake went way up with Boston Organics membership, so I'll say this is done.)
  11. WiiFit 3x a week for one month - when I got my job and had less time I fell off the Wii-gon and want to get back on (again, in theory this will turn into habit).
  12. Floss every day for 2 weeks straight (again, habit).
  13. Make or get rid of all the recipes in my recipe box. And nothing new goes in without cooking/baking it first. (I sorted, but didn't get much further than that.)
  14. Only eat out one meal a week max (this means packing lunches regularly).
  15. Read through the Bible chronologically again, this time in NASB. (Got behind and while I read a lot, I didn't finish.)
  16. Have date night with Ian once a month. (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12)
  17. Call or e-mail one friend a week.
  18. Write to Grandma once a month.
  19. Go through Sacred Marriage and Celebration of Discipline with Ian.
  20. Figure out my personal style and give away at least 10 items in my wardrobe that don’t fit that. (28+ items gone - the closet can breathe again!)
  21. Do an at-home pedicure once a month. (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12)
  22. Design personal cards and print them with moo.com.
  23. Design and order/print a bookplate stamp/sticker/embosser. Between that and my dust jacket covers, I’ll feel like we have a library. Dream come true!
  24. Curate the rest of the bedroom, then move on to the kitchen and bathroom so they all are as streamlined and simplified as the living room.
  25. Figure out and implement a good system for our under bed storage.
  26. Choose one evening a week to go without electricity-powered entertainment (read! play games!).
  27. Paint and decorate the pink floral round box to match the living room.
  28. Obtain a better aquarium for the frogs with a light and a filter.
More details on my progress are in related posts.

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