MUTEMATH + Matt & Kim

I would be remiss if I didn't note that we were able to see MUTEMATH when they rolled into town for WFNX's Miracle On Lansdowne Street in mid-December. Alex, one of Ian's good friends from work, and his girlfriend, Amanda, joined us for the show because Alex didn't want to miss his favorite band, Matt & Kim.

And so it begins @MuteMath

MUTEMATH, as expected, did not disappoint. No handstands on the keyboard, but they did play highlights from their older albums as well as their latest, Odd Soul. Ian especially loved how they transitioned between old and new songs. He has vowed we will be at their headlining show in March. And it could be just me reading the Relevant magazine article, but I think they seemed a lot more relaxed and happy.

mutemath + matt & kim

After MUTEMATH came Matt & Kim. I'd only seen one of their music videos on YouTube before the show, so I knew they had a fun, catchy, upbeat vibe. What I didn't know was how crazy their shows are. High energy. Everything is "f***ing amazing." Nonstop smiles. Balloons everywhere. They aren't my new favorite band, but I must admit, it was pretty fun.

Matt and Kim. Balloons. What!?

We also got in some good people watching. A drunk girl in front of us kept falling backwards, and the guy she kept kissing trying to eat was only halfheartedly preventing her from bumping into us. Another girl showed up, and a few minutes later the guy left with her, leaving drunk girl to jump around and fall all over us. After we left, Amanda gave us a fuller story thanks to seeing the non-drunk girl's text messages. Apparently she came with the guy, then the guy's ex-girlfriend, i.e. drunk girl, showed up and told her she loves him. Awkward. For everyone.

But what's a show without a crazy story, right?