thankful list | February

Mumford & Sons is the best soundtrack for the @bplboston courtyard on a crisp February afternoon.

01. an awesome Super Bowl party with team Kurlbaum.
02. dessert and drinks with our old neighbors.
03. a fun baby shower for a good friend.
04. a solid group interested in the 2012 DR trip.
05. only a broken 6-year-old camera after I biffed it big.
06. a relaxing and lovely Valentine's lunch with Ian.
07. a clean bill of health after my first annual skin screening.
08. a productive discussion on finances and the future.
09. an uneventful (in a good way) evening of babysitting.
10. discovering we're good at diapers and putting a 5-month-old to sleep.
11. but also realizing we're still not quite ready for a baby.
12. Sweet Cheeks mac n' cheese (and the biscuits + honey butter).
13. friends who enjoy spending hours at the MFA with us.
14. finally, Google at work.
15. a croissant Friday afternoon after a long 4-day work week.
16. a chill birthday party for Mr. Fox.
17. a productive weekend while Ian is at the office rendering.
18. Nutella and banana grilled sandwiches.
19. Chronicles of Narnia Radio Theatre.
20. vanilla pudding (from a box but made on the stove, not from cups).
21. after weeks + months of work, a live web site.
22. a husband who cooks for me.