thankful list | March

simply a lovely evening...

01. again, our MFA membership and nearby Sweet Cheeks Q.
02. free (classic) books on my iPhone reader.
03. my book club ladies.
04. getting to attend "An Evening with Viggo" with Ian.
05. the opportunity to stay involved editing + developing content for the web site.
06. MUTEMATH live with Ian.
07. the [REUNION] MBTA ad campaign.
08. kitchen canisters that hold 5 lb. bags of flour and sugar with room to spare.
09. L.L. Bean socks.
10. spring weather.
11. the answer to my makeup issues: allergies.
12. organic makeup via Whole Foods to avoid the allergies + be green.
13. watching The Help with Ian.
14. a weekend in Beacon Hill at the Liberty Hotel.
15. tortellini in sage butter sauce.
16. scoring a sweet Anthro necklace for $15.
17. rereading the Hunger Games trilogy.
18. the new shirt Ian bought for me.
19. Ren's visit.
20. spicy tuna rolls at Fugakyu.
21. being done with taxes.
22. the early arrival of spring.
23. impromptu dinner dates.
24. purple crocuses (croci, if you prefer) and magnolia blossoms.