a serendipitous trip to Toscanini's

chocolate pudding + blackberry basil = delicious

Last weekend, we rented a ZipCar to run errands, i.e. stop by Goodwill to take, finally, the growing pile of giveaways that has lived in a corner of our bedroom for months. And after running said errand, we still had some time remaining with the car. What do you do when you're unexpectedly in possession of both wheels and free time on a sunny day in May? Go to Toscanini's. We love our neighborhood J.P. Licks, but sometimes it's fun to change it up with some award-winning ice cream in unexpected flavors.

We headed towards Cambridge and called our friends Ryan and Kelly to see if they were interested in joining us since they live in that neck of the woods. And they just so happened to be walking out the door to meet another couple at Toscanini's. Perfect. We're not above crashing other people's ice cream dates.

The three couples arrived at the same corner at the same time, coming from three different directions. We couldn't have timed it better if we tried.

We had a great time with Ryan, Kelly, Morgan, and Beth. And a two-scoop dish filled with chocolate pudding and blackberry basil ice cream is nothing to sneeze at either.