thankful list | April

Another year in Boston. Congrats runners! #marathonmonday

01. being there for Erin's baptism.
02. crepes with a friend from community group.
03. Skype sessions with the Vargas family.
04. Easter brunch (especially Kelly's french toast).
05. a husband who drives me home from work when I'm not feeling well.
06. social media for connecting with a favorite artist.
07. eco-friendly dandruff shampoo: not perfect, but no itching (keeping it real).
08. making chalkboard mugs (successfully).
09. hot chocolate from Crema Cafe.
10. my third marathon finish line photo (even though we missed the race).
11. Ian's help preparing for Erin's baby shower.
12. the laser cutter (saved hours and my sanity in cutting out raindrops).
13. yellow ranunculus (with pink tulips).
14. celebrating soon-to-arrive new babies.
15. a four hour nap at the end of a LONG and busy weekend.
16. not embarrassing myself during my first (4-minute) presentation at work.
17. the good rice you can pick up at Asian food stores. I've missed fluffy rice.
18. Ben and Amanda for treating us to our first dim sum experience.
19. seasame balls.
20. the turtles on the Charles: they look stately as they sun.
21. meeting new babies (Samuel and Olivia!).
22. celebrating [REUNION]'s five-year anniversary.
23. an afternoon of DR trip 2012 team building.
24. rain, for reducing the daily pollen count.
25. the new artist exhibition at the gallery at work.
26. progress in our efforts to minimize + amp up our style.