thankful list | May

#christian #science #plaza #boston #igboston #iheartboston #sasakidesign

01. arriving at work to a chocolate croissant from Ian, who went in early.
02. strawberries.
03. kale chips.
04. direct flights.
05. my travel pillow.
06. Morgan and Beth's tip on saving money with cross-state rental cars.
07. family.
08. two new graduates. (Congrats again to Ren and Nathan!)
09. dinners with family.
10. the views in Boulder.
11. Bluestem Bistro (scone + heaven breve steamer + our favorite barista).
12. catching up with old friends.
13. Caleb taking on international missions with a water project this summer.
14. our moms.
15. our new nightstand with drawers and a Nantucket beach vibe.
16. gingham.
17. dropping off four more bags of stuff at Goodwill.
18. blackberry basil ice cream at Toscanini's.
19. renewed focus on making our marriage amazing.
20. dinner with new parents Ben and Amanda (great conversations!).
21. exciting (and a little intimidating) new projects at work.
22. Dorado.
23. our membership at the Coolidge Theatre.
24. an epic birthday/Memorial Day party courtesy Nate and Danielle.
25. new running shoes for our new exercise regimen.
26. Brett for being our running shoe shopping expert.
27. finally getting to see The Avengers.
28. breakfast at Sofra for the first time ever (thanks to Ryan).
29. A new Crate & Barrel rug pad: it's like magic.
30. a successful (i.e. we didn't get angry) first run together.
31. cake from Russo's.
32. sunshine.