thankful list | June

A quick stop before heading back to San Jose.

01. shortbread, especially from Au Bon Pain.
02. J.Crew's offering of long torso one piece swimsuits.
03. a fun morning with Erin even though the Bazaar was rained out.
04. a productive + exciting chat with our community group co-leaders.
05. a mani/pedi courtesy of two awesome coworkers I support.
06. Essie mint candy apple polish and the ensuing compliments.
07. time with our friends' adorable new baby.
08. successfully finishing a really fun big project at work.
09. seeing one of my favorite artist's work on the T.
10. making it safely to California (I can still travel alone!).
11. free in-flight movies to make up for 4 more hours of travel time.
12. Jordan and Brittany's beautiful wedding.
13. catching up with old friends.
14. not having to walk everywhere in SF (steep is an understatement).
16. the Pacific Ocean and adjacent beaches.
17. a recommendation for a sweet coffee shop in Santa Cruz.
18. bikes at Google.
19. Ian taking me to both Google and Apple headquarters.
20. Where's My Water? for free thanks to Starbucks.
21. a/c when it's 90+ degrees in Boston.
22. our favorite barbecue in Boston with great friends.
23. an amazing community group.
24. success at our new running regimen.
25. Neutrogena Naturals night cream: after three nights I'm in love.
26. making better buying choices thanks to the GoodGuide app + site.