birthday angel food cake

It's not a birthday without angel food cake. Thanks @scherling200!

Ian is amazing. He surprised me with a birthday blog post, a beautiful necklace (from my Pinterest wish list!) and dinner at Lineage.

We've heard great things about this restaurant since we moved, but even though we only live a 10 minute walk away, we didn't get around to it for 2+ years.

They print their menus daily, so they can "capture the best of our local seasonal markets." Seafood features prominently, but they also make a mean gourmet burger and their dinner rolls are just like my Grandma's (tasty, light, and a perfect vehicle for copious amounts of butter).

What put the meal over the top though, was dessert. On the menu for July 2 was angel food cake with basil ice cream and berry compote. Growing up, my birthday cake was always Grandma's red velvet or angel food cake. Even though we're currently 1,587 miles away from Grandma's oven, a light and fluffy personal sized cake made me feel like a kid on the farm again. I couldn't have asked for a better finish to a perfect day.