thankful list | July

#traderjoes run

01. getting to read Agatha Christie for book club.
02. Moonrise Kingdom.
03. good friends to watch Burn Notice with.
04. an amazing birthday dinner with amazing company (Ian).
05. a day off (even if it was a Wednesday).
06. Boston fireworks.
07. air conditioning and a roof when it rained on the fireworks.
08. Ryan + Kelly's awesome 4th of July bash.
09. a few days with Veronica before and after the DR trip.
10. a ride to the airport.
11. seeing Jenn and the Vargas family again.
12. playing marbles with Wilfred.
13. shade during construction work.
14. Catchphrase.
15. crispy rice from the bottom of the pan.
16. experiencing the medical clinic.
17. happy little Dominican kids in La Mosca.
18. Bon ice cream.
19. empanadas.
20. understanding more Spanish than last year.
21. hanging out in the resort pool with the Vargas family.
22. air conditioning.
23. finding coral on the beach.
24. our amazing DR team.
25. my new bike.
26. writing inspiration thanks to a School for the Arts workshop.
27. bike rides with Ian.
28. my back healing up enough for me to run + yoga again.
29. motivation to make time to work out again.
30. food trucks and a photobooth at a work celebration.
31. seeing a super cute family of turkeys.
32. surprise opportunities to spend more time with REUNION friends.
33. Pelotero.
34. Olympics season.
35. our new KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment.
36. homemade vanilla ice cream.
37. chocolate chips.