thankful list | August

@annakristina28 's new bike bell

01. camping in Vermont with Brett + Emily.
02. putting my new bike to good use.
03. my new bike bell (Olli the Octopus).
04. awesome community group co-leaders.
05. movie dates with Ian at the Coolidge.
06. discovering cheddar dill biscuits.
07. seeing The Dark Knight Rises (+ Skyfall preview) in IMAX for cheap.
08. new potted herbs from Wilson Farm.
09. a clean apartment.
10. an awesome Olympic-themed birthday party.
11. mint lemonade at Tatte.
12. surviving 15 miles biking around the city in one day.
13. West Elm swapping our "angry bird" (pokey) pillow inserts.
14. eight amazing years with Ian (we started dating August 21, 2004).
15. running 1.6 miles without stopping or dying (my time is an embarrassing secret).
16. clean bill of skin health at my dermatologist check-up.
17. Pomplamoose music.
18. empanadas + Arrested Development + good friends.
19. discovering the deliciousness of roast beef 1000 at Cutty's.
20. hanging out with two awesome friends and their happy baby.
21. a free tune-up for my new bike.
22. meeting an eclectic and interesting new group of people.
23. an awesome (and large) turnout for setup Sunday morning.
24. breakfast at Sofra.
25. laughs we get with all the crazy comments on Ian's durian video.
26. Pixar postage stamps (not just one but two sets).
27. seeing an iguana sitting on the handlebars of it's owner's bike.
28. the Pioneer Woman's chicken piccata.
29. the library.
30. Sweet Cheeks biscuits.
31. time to get rid of even more stuff so we can reorganize our bedroom.
32. a long weekend to look forward to.