the Warby Parker Class Trip's stop in Boston

warby parker class trip

I discovered Warby Parker over a year ago, which prompted me to finally replace the frames I'd had since high school. I wear contacts most of the time, because with one eye near-sighted and the other far-sighted, I get headaches if I wear glasses for extended periods of time. Since I only wear glasses once a month when I change out my contacts, I had a hard time justifying expensive frames. But with $95 pairs of sweet prescription glasses, Warby Parker solved my dilemma. And like TOMS, WP follows a buy a pair, give a pair business model, which is right up my alley. I picked out my five frames for free home try-ons, solicited input from everyone I know, and pulled the trigger on a pair of Webbs in amber tortoise.

warby parker home try-ons

Ian also loved Warby Parker's style and values, so last Christmas he requested and received Everett sunglasses in gimlet tortoise. He gets almost as many complements as I do on my (cheap) turquoise mirrored sunglasses. Which are dying. I knew I wanted to include a pair of Warby Parker sunglasses on my Christmas list to replace them. I just needed to find the right ones.

We headed to the hipster store on Newbury that housed a WP showroom so I could explore the full collection, only to discover the shop had closed. But in a fortuitous turn of events, just a few days later I learned via email that the Warby Parker Class Trip would be arriving shortly in Boston—an old yellow school bus retrofitted as a Warby Parker show room and taking a six-month cross-country road trip to nine cities.

wp hearts boston

We stopped by on the bus's last day in Boston. Yes, it was about as crazy as in it's heyday of transporting elementary school children, but I got some personalized assistance (thanks Sam!) trying on selections from their giant wall of glasses and sunglasses, and we walked off the bus with a shortlist for my wishlist (fingers crossed these show up under the tree!).

And we couldn't pass up the photobooth before biking home. (Maybe we are turning into hipsters, but we always wear our helmets and never drink and ride with multiple cigarettes clinging to our lips.)

warby parker class trip
"Ian, hurry up, I think it's..." *flash* | duckface Ian meets healthy Anna | Ian on caffeine, Anna being... pensive?

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