fresh water for a village in Ethiopia

charity:water fegene village project
photo from charity:water

If you've been following the blog for 2+ years, you might remember that Ian donated his 24th birthday to charity:water. They combined his campaign with five others, and built a well in Ethiopia in partnership with A Glimmer of Hope. Thanks again to everyone who supported his campaign. Because of you, 280 people have access to clean drinking water. (To learn more about this specific water project, click here.)

It seemed fitting to share this update as we prepare for another season celebrating Advent Conspiracy, a movement "designed to help us all slow down and experience a Christmas worth remembering" by worshiping fully, spending less (money), giving more (of yourself), and loving all. One of AC's big pushes for loving all is taking some of that money you saved by giving more intentional and meaningful gifts, and instead giving it to help end the clean water crisis.

Americans spent approximately 450 billion dollars during the holiday season. Just a fraction of that would provide fresh clean water to everyone currently without it. We can solve a global problem by cutting back less than 5% of our holiday budgets and donating it to the cause.

We hope that you are able to make your holiday season (no matter what you celebrate) one that is full of meaning and joy, and that you also consider helping to make a joyful holiday for others who so desperately need it.

Pssst... if you're still looking for Christmas cards, our friends at The Old Try teamed up with [REUNION] to make some; they're beautiful and $15 of the purchase price goes to dig clean water wells in the developing world.