Instagram: "then my phone went and made it art"

our table in the mimosa cork zone at felix

Friends showed us a parody music video about Instagram to the tune of "Photograph" by Nickelback (warning: language). The song is essentially a list of ubiquitous Instagram photo subjects. Ian and I are pretty avid Instagram users, and when I heard the song start out with eggs Benedict (one of my earliest Instagrams at Felix in NYC, if you're wondering), I just had to see how our feeds matched up. Because it's always fun to laugh at ourselves.

our table in the mimosa cork zone at felix Always worth the wait. #mikespastry #latergram Essie's mint candy apple.
Just chillin on the beach. home again home again, jiggity jig #grandmasays #morningcommute through #copley sq.

01. eggs Benedict (Anna)
02. lemon tart (Anna, actually pistachio cannoli)
03. painted fingernails (Ian. Just kidding. His toes don't look that pretty.)
04. mai tai + inadvertent cleavage
05. beach feet (Anna)
06. plane's wing in the air (Ian. One of a total nine plane photos between us.)
07. city lights in black and white (Ian)

#facetime with pfluff (and the fam) urban archaeology #pumphouse HAIR NOW for MEN.
#hisandhers on a Sunday afternoon with @scherling200. absolutely #stoked to dig in my 1987 edition Good morning blue frog.

08. glasses on cat (Ian, actually Facetime w/ Pfluff); runner up: Clover reading (Anna)
09. old door (Ian, actually old building that includes old doors)
10. abandoned store sign (Anna, not actually abandoned)
11. everyday items that in some way resemble inappropriate body parts
12. fortune cookie
13. coffee foam (Anna, one of three)
14. pretentious tome (Ian, one of two)
15. garden gnome (Anna, actually frog lawn ornament); runner up: squirrel (Anna)

My favorite holiday, hands down. #urban #archaeology #1883 #umassboston "Now poults, stick together and follow me." #urbanturkeys
kansas sky It's not a birthday without angel food cake. Thanks @scherling200! Meeting baby Olivia for the first time!

16. fireworks (Anna)
17. eye close-up
18. self portrait in the bathroom
19. clouds (Ian, though arguably the focus is the building)
20. duck in the city (Anna, actually a turkey family)
21. setting sun (Ian)
22. peach pie (Anna, actually angel food cake with berry compote)
23. kids (Anna, not actually our kid)

If you're counting, we have 18 of 23, without taking any photos after watching the music video. We might lose points for stretching a few of the more specific photos, but I think we get bonus points for the specific ones we exactly matched, plus for chasing birds around in the city with an iPhone. I looked exactly like the guy in the video, minus the language.

So, fellow Instagram users, are you as guilty as we are?

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