thankful list | November

You know you're going to love the surprise inside when the return address on the box reads #emaw

01. finally, the MBTA putting IE bus passes on tap cards.
02. Megan coming to Boston.
03. lovely weather for wandering around Boston.
04. a delicious Italian dinner with old and new friends.
05. my amazing new coat—worth every penny.
06. an end to campaign commercials.
07. the first snow of the season.
08. meeting Young House Love at their Boston book signing.
09. a heart to heart with Ian.
10. catching up with old K-State friends + new significant others.
11. bike rides around the city.
12. K-State landing at #1 in the BCS standings—so proud of this team.
13. Dane and Micki surprising us with K-State game cups mailed to work.
14. an edible first attempt at Grandma's rolls.
15. a fun Thanksgiving potluck at work.
16. an amazing day in downtown Chicago with Ian.
17. seeing Sarah again, and meeting her new husband John.
18. a deep dish pizza date after a ride on the Navy Pier ferris wheel.
19. a husband who plans out trips so I don't have to.
20. K-State handling a heartbreaking loss with grace.
21. a great pre-holiday night at community group.
22. an encouraging annual review at work.
23. Thanksgiving dinner with great friends.
24. my ribbon Christmas tree craft turning out so well.
25. a day of errands and knocking things off our to-do list.
26. sleeping in three days in a row.
27. a great crew showing up for Sunday morning setup.
28. seeing Skyfall (with two more Daniel Craig Bond movies to look forward to).
29. getting an official L.L. Bean shout out tweet for my Bean post.
30. decorating a real Christmas tree (not ours) with our community group.
31. making it in to the Smitten Kitchen event after all thanks to the standby line.
32. catching up with Erin and seeing Grey (she's grown so much!).
33. Ian arriving safely in Kansas for his football/family/work trip.
34. Fringe on DVD/BlueRay.
35. a new DIY art piece made with old floorboards from the farm.