thankful list | December

#christmas eve #julotta service at grandma jurey's church #lyssna #gosweden

01. a Big 12 football championship. #EMAW
02. candlepin bowling with other REUNION leaders.
03. Erin's lasagna + brownies + company while watching the game.
04. a fun afternoon at book club.
05. Otto's + Anna Karenina with Emily.
06. coming home to a functional kitchen sink.
07. friends to keep me company while Ian is traveling.
08. awesome neighbors.
09. a high-powered space heater in the bedroom.
10. piles of blankets.
11. washi tape.
12. Fringe on DVD/BluRay.
13. Once Upon a Time on Hulu.
14. leftover chicken pockets for lunch.
15. FaceTime.
16. winning a flower arrangement from the company holiday party.
17. an afternoon of candy making with Wen and Wilbur.
18. great memories of Grandpa.
19. experiencing authentic Australian meat pies at a caterer tasting.
20. a fun holiday party with the site group.
21. finalizing (I hope) a stack of paperwork for a contract before the break.
22. not missing our second flight despite a delay on the first.
23. a warm place to spend the night in our favorite town.
24. Bluestem Bistro.
25. lunch with the UCC staff.
26. meeting a new baby over dinner with old friends.
27. a safe drive out to Grandma's farm.
28. free XM radio in our rental car.
29. time with family.
30. Grandma's potato sausage.
31. the Julotta (Swedish 11 p.m. Christmas Eve) service.
32. a hands-on workshop with Grandma on making dinner rolls.
33. learning more about the area where dad grew up.
34. convincing Grandma Judy to join us in Dodge City.
35. lots of time with Grandma Marilyn and Susan.
36. a chance to see Dane despite his holiday work schedule.
37. a nap with Pfluff.
38. breakfast at Varsity Donuts AND Bluestem Bistro.
39. stress-free flights back to Boston.
40. flying into and out of Manhattan.
41. eating at Frontera in O'Hare twice.
42. neighbors willing to pet-sit while we're gone.
43. a once-in-a-lifetime dinner for our 5th anniversary.
44. watching the fireworks from the warmth of our own sofa.