Thanks for everything, Google Reader. (Hello, Feedly.)

image via Feedly
Confession: I follow more blogs than I can count. My casual habit turned into an addiction when I discovered Google Reader (eight years ago when it first came out; I'm a nerd). Whenever I see a blog that piques my interest, I add it to my reader for a trial run. Every so often I pare down so I can do more with my life than just read blogs, but I can't imagine a life without my daily dose of posts.

The day Google Reader announced it's retirement, I panicked, counted to five, then did a Google search for replacements. Going without a feed reader was not an option I would accept.

Several suggestions kept cropping up, but Feedly was the one that caught my eye. I loved the clean, simple design, the logo color (green!), and the smooth transition. Feedly was running on Google Reader's infrastructure, but they were already preparing to clone Reader's nuts and bolts to ensure seamless service as Reader sails off into the sunset.

I logged into Feedly using my Google account. All of my subscriptions and starred posts were there waiting for me with no export/import migration hassle. Also to my amazement, reading blogs on my phone was now an option I enjoyed thanks to the Feedly app (iOS and Android).

If you're interested in giving Feedly a shot, log on with your Google account before July 1 (Reader's official sunset date), and you'll feel like you still have the Google Reader you know and love, but with a fancy new outfit. (While you're at it, subscribe to the blog if you haven't already!)

Google Reader, you've made my life better for the past eight years. Thanks for the memories, and enjoy retirement.