thankful list | January 2014

Midweek date night with @scherling200. #tastyburger #truelove

01. not getting stuck in the airport.
02. a day off after getting back from the holidays (hooray for New Year's).
03. YNAB. ($6 off with our refer-a-friend link!)
04. a quiet first day back at work after vacation.
05. the ability to work from home during the year's first crazy snowstorm.
06. time over the weekend to finally catch up from vacation.
07. afternoon tea at L'Espalier for a belated anniversary celebration.
08. new iPhones (because it was time).
09. friends hosting community group (continuing our cleaning procrastination).
10. catching up on my TV shows while Ian was at a guys' night.
11. watching nationals figure skating (on TV) all weekend.
12. a surprise birthday party for a dear friend.
13. going to the Smuckers Skating Spectacular and seeing the entire Olympic team skate.
14. going to my first live figure skating event, finally, as a lifelong fan.
15. coconut.
16. community group.
17. my new navy velvet dot pants: 75% off, plus I feel like a star.
18. an amazing sunset.
19. my Sseko bag (thanks for the perfect cause-related Christmas present, Ian!).
20. the classical violinist at the Copley station.
21. a solid win for the Wildcats.
22. Sundays at [REUNION].
23. toasted walnut green tea at David's tea.
24. the sunset.
25. my L.L. Bean boots, especially when the high for the week is in the teens.
26. yoga at work over lunch.
27. Cook's Illustrated recommendations.
28. space heaters and blankets.
29. Ian making it safely home from a business trip.
30. community group ladies night.
31. blankets and snuggles when it's cold outside.
32. catching up with friends while watching the K-State game (even if it was a loss).
33. our new Filipino cookbook, The Adobo Road.
34. crunchy sweet banana nut rolls from said new cookbook.
35. an awesome group to help with setup at [REUNION].
36. a sweet baby shower for a friend.
37. a productive evening cleaning and laundering.
38. unexpectedly bumping into a friend on the bus to work.
39. watching The Prince of Egypt at community group.
40. new pots for our kitchen using just our Discover cashback bonus.
41. feeling like a pro putting together a whole stack of contracts at work.
42. spontaneous date night at Tasty Burger (and the rise and shine burger).
43. dinner with friends who share our love of ATC, to help us break in our new pots.
44. catching up on my favorite TV shows.