the Overmiller ladies take over New England

Come on in. The water's freezing! #family #racepointbeach

This past fall, Micki's annual eye appointment at the Boston Foundation for Sight turned into an Overmiller ladies vacation, and we had so much fun hosting Ian's mom, grandma, and two aunts! Can you tell they're related?

During the week, we'd meet up with them for dinner at exciting and iconic places, like the Omni-Parker House for the original Boston cream pie and the North End for mouthwatering pasta. And of course we had to visit Grandma Judy's friend; he is still as quiet and solid as when they first met four years ago.

But the highlight of their week in Boston was a day trip to Cape Cod. Ian and I had never been, so it was fun to share a new experience together. The weather was glorious, and we took the whole day to drive to the very tip of the Cape, stopping at mom and pop shops filled with beachy trinkets, a local "purveyor of distinctive victuals and spirits" for piles and piles of seafood, and as many ocean views and beach walks as possible. I also brought along my Ricefield Collective Fingerwarmers, to start creating entries for the RC photo contest. The six of us had a blast helping Fingerwarmers make the most of their time on the Cape. (The first photos of many, and I even ended up winning the contest!)

By late afternoon we arrived at Race Point Beach, dipping our toes into the frigid Atlantic before turning around and heading back to Boston.

overmillers in boston
Fingerwarmers might have eyes bigger than their stomach. #k4lawards #ricefieldcollective #lobstahroll
overmillers in boston
overmillers in boston
overmillers in boston
Fingerwarmers say goodbye to #racepointbeach. #k4lawards #ricefieldcollective

We ended the trip with a visit to the SoWa Markets, mostly for the food trucks. You can't visit us in Boston without the chance to have your grilled cheese world turned upside down by Roxy's.

Fingerwarmers ordering lunch from their favorite food truck, @roxysgrilledcheese. #k4lawards #ricefieldcollective
Fingerwarmers hate goodbyes. #family #k4lawards #ricefieldcollective
Grandma Judy, Micki, Patti, Linda — thank you so much for making the trip out to see us. We had a blast, and hope you come back soon!

See all our photos from our week with the Overmillers on Flickr.