thankful list | February 2014

The mason jar of ranunculus on our coffee table makes me so happy. #thankstraderjoes

01. Toscanini's and The Friendly Toast with some amazing ladies.
02. inspiration to give away more of our things we don't need.
03. a beautiful Sunday morning.
04. a Sunday afternoon nap.
05. picking a winner for the Super Bowl (Bruno Mars: Pinoy pride!)
06. getting called "my friends" by an especially adorable little person.
07. an exciting kick-off meeting for our 2014 DR trip. (learn more + support us!)
08. a snowman magically appearing on the deck at the office.
09. a long weekend trip to visit good friends we miss dearly.
10. endless entertainment thanks to their one-year-old son.
11. fireplaces and good food.
12. the Olympics.
13. rediscovering my love of figure skating.
14. a fun office afternoon Olympic trivia happy hour.
15. getting to write some of the questions for said trivia happy hour.
16. finally getting to go to a Tales of Olde show.
17. feeling super cool because we know the band.
18. good friends safely welcoming baby #2 into their beautiful family.
19. free lunches with catering orders.
20. a dear coworker's new adventure (and her heartfelt send off).
21. now having someone to visit in NYC.
22. a birthday celebration for a wonderful friend and coworker.
23. the Waterlogue app.
24. a (too short) respite from the snow and frigid temperatures.