thankful list | March 2014

Still waiting for spring, but a bundle of cheery calla lilies helps me be patient. #thankstraderjoes

01. planning for the DR trip with Nate and Danielle over a delicious dinner.
02. an afternoon with an amazing family (and meeting their newest baby).
03. catching up (and nerding out over grammar) with friends from my copyediting class.
04. sharing sushi with a friend I hadn't seen in months.
05. a fun afternoon shopping in the South End with Ingrid.
06. new delicious flavors from David's Tea.
07. a new teeny tiny adorable tropical plant (that I hope I can keep alive).
08. a shop that is an amazing resource in my efforts to be greener in my skincare.
09. a great community group coach.
10. finishing our taxes and discovering we get a refund.
11. reliving our Paris trip by watching Midnight in Paris.
12. blankets, snuggles, and movies on a cold Saturday.
13. a productive weekend of cleaning (a belated start to Apartment Therapy's January Cure).
14. a night of celebrating some big wins for the people in our community group.
15. catching up with Todd and Danielle after their trip to India.
16. Boston firefighters, who risk their lives every day to keep us safe.
17. an hour of financial coaching leaving us excited about our home ownership timeline.
18. the reminder that our hard work and financial discipline is worth it.
19. half a dozen bright and happy balloons for a surprise birthday party.
20. successfully pulling off said surprise birthday party.
21. the delicious food at Cuchi Cuchi.
22. after months of procrastination, a haircut.
23. two teaching series in a row at REUNION that are just what we needed to hear.
24. warmer weather and disappearing snow piles (even if it's still cold and wet).
25. a closet concise enough that I can pull together a cute outfit without thinking.
26. L.L. Bean boots on a rainy day.
27. new socks, organic and made in America, so my feet feel good and I feel good.
28. friendship bread.