thankful list | April 2014

Balloons, because I'm happy. Clap along... #pharrell #yourewelcome

01. Fingerwarmers, for the fun photo project they've become.
02. a moving response to the loss of two firefighters in the call of duty.
03. a happy bouquet of balloons.
04. a nerdy chat at work about copyediting and style guides.
05. time with good friends and their beautiful little girls.
06. a Skype session with Luis.
07. a successful DR trip team meeting (you can still support our trip!).
08. the reminder that God has gifted me in administration and organization.
09. Ian offering to serve as photographer for my eco-friendly products post.
10. L.L. Bean boots for the inevitable spring showers.
11. a sweet surprise note from Ian at my desk.
12. a bike ride to the North End and Columbus Park.
13. Ollie, my happy little octopus bike bell.
14. eating chocolate chip cannoli on the lawn while basking in sunshine.
15. a late night laughing with friends.
16. seeing my name on the wall as part of the Sea Change: Boston exhibition.
17. new cleaning supplies (I'm waltzing around the apartment with our new microfiber mop).
18. a new necklace and bracelet (which matches Ingrid).
19. snagging decently priced tickets to fly home for a cousin's graduation.
20. finally snagging a Seamly.co item in my favorite color.
21. lunch at Shake Shack.
22. friends from the office joining us for Easter Sunday at REUNION.
23. an encouraging email from a friend.
24. spring flowers.
25. a beautiful bike ride to the office on Marathon Monday.
26. enough exercise that I can actually survive a bike ride to the office.
27. peach tulips and cookies for administrative professionals day.
28. a clean bill of health for Ian's ear, after infection concerns.
29. running errands, and a cleaner, less cluttered apartment because of it.
30. Tatte bakery.
31. an afternoon driving around neighborhoods, as we slowly prep to house hunt.
32. amazing friends in community group who are rock stars at setup for REUNION.
33. catching up with a sick friends after a soup delivery.
34. clean laundry.
35. no lost socks.
36. an easy apartment to clean.
37. short lines at Trader Joe's.
38. another night with our amazing community group family.
39. awesome coworkers.
40. coconut oatmeal cookies.