thankful list | June 2014

A bike ride to Castle Island, part 3. #latergram

01. dim sum with community group friends.
02. bubble tea.
03. shopping dates and clothing swaps.
04. DR trip prep planning over dinner from Dorado.
05. a work day play date lunch with one of my favorite families.
06. a REUNION baptism celebration.
07. Sweet Cheeks' can o' biscuits and honey butter.
08. a tasty dinner at an awards gala.
09. seeing a snapping turtle laying eggs near the office.
10. a new chair at work (I almost cried from happiness).
11. unbelievable support for our DR trip.
12. leadership community at REUNION.
13. brunch with our community group coach.
14. a place to donate my old bike: Bikes not Bombs.
15. an IKEA run (meatballs!)
16. brunch with good friends.
17. a bike ride to a new place: Castle Island.
18. a Skype session with the Vargas family (minus Jason).
19. a great DR trip meeting (only one team meeting left before the trip!).
20. catching a friend's doctoral thesis presentation, even though I only understood 25 percent.
21. our community group discussion about "God's offensively unconditional grace." (Thanks, Drew!)
22. planning out how to use up the food we have (I love organizing).
23. our first team practice for the office bocce league (because it's a fun lunch break).
24. frequent turtle sightings.
25. introducing friends to Filipino food (at JnJ Turo Turo).
26. celebrating Ian's birthday (and that I get to spend it with him).
27. a beautiful farewell party for the Wilson family as they head back to Illinois.
28. fancy + free dinner with Mikhail and Erin, thanks to one of his upcoming photo shoots.
29. unexpectedly seeing my favorite singer from American Idol season 3 performing at dinner.
30. a surprise ride to work from a friend.
31. a walk along the river on a gorgeous day.
32. bumping into one of the DR trip members in an unexpected place.
33. a happy kid feeding the ducks on the river.
34. despite a lot of new tasks and a busy week, ending Friday feeling without stress.
35. #SheReadsTruth with a strawberry + banana + canned coconut milk smoothie.
36. a fun office watch party for the US vs. Germany World Cup match.
37. an evening with coworkers on a Boston ghost tour, followed by a delicious dinner.
38. an on-time flight to Kansas City, arriving just in time for the wedding.
39. time with family, including lots of people we haven't seen in a while.
40. a beautiful wedding and a beautiful, inspiring couple.
41. telling my brother and his now-fiancee congratulations on their engagement in person.
42. an on-time flight back to Boston.
43. another lunch date with one of my favorite families.
44. a beautiful, abstract early birthday card from a talented toddler.