thankful list | August 2014

The Joy of Coloring, with host @scherling200. #reunioninthedr #onlyonecrayonatatime #choosewisely

01. a night to catch up on my nerdy TV show (ST:DS9) while Ian watched the Sox beat the Yankees.
02. receiving the hulk hands award.
03. an awesome REUNION BBQ (even if it is to say farewell to one of our favorite families).
04. a 30 percent discount on Ian's new dress shirt, thanks to a 5 second email search.
05. a successful first REUNION curriculum team meeting.
06. finally finishing Castle season 6 (thanks, procrastination, for a short wait until next season).
07. a chance to flex my Google Doc muscles.
08. a relaxing evening catching up on a few things around the apartment.
09. awesome coworkers.
10. the Gallery at Sasaki.
11. REUNION movie night for The Lego Movie at the Hatch Shell (everything is awesome!).
12. a quiet weekend to prep for the DR trip without a lot of extra stress.
13. a fun hour of bocce court maintenance followed by fast food with work friends.
14. a beautiful, challenging, and inspiring DR trip (more stories hopefully soon).
15. the chance to catch up with our friends in the Dominican.
16. meeting Isaiah for the first time, in all of his adorable mischievous glory.
17. health throughout the trip (no chikungunya!).
18. a return flight that got us home by early afternoon, so we could nap AND do laundry.
19. game night with community group friends.
20. a cheap flight change to accommodate Ian's first day teaching without missing a wedding in Atlanta.
21. the office summer barbecue.
22. a couple of at-home movie date nights despite busy schedules.
23. a visit from dear Kansas friends.
24. a much smaller rent increase than we were expecting.
25. answered prayers.