thankful list | September 2014

Just got my @lizclimo postcard for preordering my new favorite book. #bestcomicyet #thelittleworldoflizclimo

01. a morning at World's End with two fantastic friends from Kansas.
02. an evening catching up with our DR trip team over pizza.
03. a ride home from work with Micki and Grandma Judy.
04. coming home to a cozy apartment (after seeing the massive apartment fire in Brighton).
05. a day on Cape Cod.
06. a lovely backyard with gorgeous hydrangea.
07. Craigville Beach.
08. Four Seas Ice Cream.
09. a Trader Joe's location in Hyannis.
10. a quick but fantastic trip to Atlanta for a gorgeous backyard wedding.
11. Chick-fil-a (in honor of the bride).
12. seeing old friends and making new ones.
13. Ian in a new suit (dreamy sigh).
14. the #Foxlanta wedding celebration.
15. seeing a dear community group friend who moved to Atlanta.
16. finally, a good chicken fried steak (New England, I love you but you need to work on this one).
17. lunch with a friend from work.
18. a long walk with a friend around Brookline admiring giant old houses.
19. over a decade of service from my old Bean backpack.
20. a new Bean backpack (it was time).
21. cozy camp socks, perfect for boot weather.
22. killing it for our team's final bocce game of the season (Sarah and I are bocce stars).
23. new drawer liners, with octopuses and whales.
24. finally finishing that garland craft project for our living room windows.
25. a new travel agency at work.
26. a new phone system at work (because it makes our work lives so much better).
27. lunch with three lovely ladies.
28. a tailoring fix on the house from someone who knows how to sew well.
29. the Pomplamoose show.
30. meeting Jack and Nataly again.
31. Jack and Nataly remembering us and thinking I look like Catherine Zeta Jones.
32. Jack and Nataly loving Fingerwarmers and taking an awesome photo.
33. dinner with a wonderful couple and their adorable new baby.
34. a happy hour at work that meant sitting on the deck and hanging out with awesome coworkers.
35. an awesome new pair of fancy sweatpants (that I can wear to work).
36. a good crew for REUNION setup on Sunday morning.
37. tea time: a 15 minute daily break, chatting with awesome people.
39. a new book that makes me laugh out loud.
40. an even better postcard for preordering said book (see photo above).
41. family closer than a plane ride away.
42. two kitties to snuggle on a regular basis.
43. fall foliage.
44. kind words in the midst of big changes.
45. my Ricefield Collective knitwear (hoping for a successful return when the timing is right).