thankful list | October 2014

Fall is my jam. So are my @seamlyco no sweat pants and @toms shoes, usually classics - can you tell? #tomstan #juttiflats #ilovefall

01. a late night of work allowing me to take Friday off without using PTO.
02. an easy busy ride to Cape Cod.
03. family in New England.
04. kitties in New England.
05. a cozy house that is already starting to feel like a home.
06. an amazing skillet apple crisp (thanks, Cook's Illustrated!).
07. a school of tiny fish and lots of tiny jellyfish (this Kansans is still fascinated by ocean creatures).
08. exploring the Cape.
09. a very kind bus driver on the morning commute.
10. yoga at work after missing a few weeks.
11. a good discussion and new friends at community group.
12. a quick afternoon walking break.
13. a fixed dripping faucet.
14. a night of t-shirt making with friends for Canstruction 2014.
15. thanks to customer service, getting a new L.L. Bean down comforter (on sale) that was sold out.
16. seeing old friends for the first time since they moved back to Boston (and their adorable new baby!).
17. a successful Canstruction build out (hooray for the yellow submarine!).
18. discovering Burmese food with an awesome couple from community group.
19. introducing old friends to Orinoco via brunch.
20. hanging out again with that adorable baby and her chubby cheeks.
21. winning the people's choice award AND the Structural Ingenuity Award at Canstruction.
22. a big win for our Wildcats.
23. a freelance copyediting opportunity.
24. a football watch party with tacos and good friends (and so many cute babies!).
25. chili and pumpkin carving with some of our oldest Boston friends.
26. a little person who is so excited to see all of us ("Ian! Open pumpkin!").
27. a good turnout for REUNION setup.
28. a delicious dinner with friends, planning for the 2015 DR trip.
29. Roxy's Grilled Cheese for dinner.
30. fun events at the office (meet your library! artist reception!).
31. a bus ticket to the Cape for a much needed weekend away.
32. fall foliage.
33. Ian's awesome Cape carved pumpkin.
34. cozy weather and that new down comforter (I'll never go back).