thankful list | November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from the Cape!

01. a much needed relaxing weekend on the Cape.
02. a cozy guest bedroom in a house filled with family (and cats).
03. growing up with Car Talk, a.k.a. Cah TahkThanks for everything, Tom.
04. my first opportunity to see a Sasaki project (Dudley) in process in person.
05. another dentist appointment with compliments on my "bionic teeth."
06. a fun quick project at work playing with new-to-me software (nerd alert!).
07. yoga.
08. being part of the annual awards committee to recognize awesome coworkers.
09. a Green Line operator with an amazing radio voice and kind words.
10. our veterans.
11. a caterer tasting (free food to try and earn our business!).
12. a fun craft project.
13. Grandma Judy moving in on the Cape.
14. seeing Aunt Patti.
15. copyediting at work.
16. Friendsgiving (thanks for hosting, Todd and Danielle!).
17. lunch with our community group coach.
18. a happy retirement Mylar balloon at the office going strong after 2 months (seriously?!).
19. a great annual review.
20. the company Thanksgiving potluck, raising money for a local food bank.
21. the Pioneer Woman's soul sweet taters.
22. Micki and Grandma Judy in town again.
23. another cater tasting (so much free food!).
24. a shopping trip at three of my favorites: The Container Store, David's Tea, and Shake Shack.
25. experiencing the new Wegmans at Chestnut Hill — the rave reviews do not oversell it.
26. extra help for REUNION Sunday morning setup at the Hilton.
27. the start of Advent Conspiracy.
28. a short work week.
29. a short wait for the bus to the Cape.
30. Thanksgiving with family, for the first time in five years.
31. helping to decorate a house for Christmas (a full-sized Christmas tree again!)
32. fun shops full of things like starfish and whale ornaments.
33. kitty snuggles.
34. a freshly laundered winter coat that didn't cost a stack giant stack of quarters.
35. a K-State football win on a big TV.
36. in-laws that I love to hang out with, even when Ian's not around.