thankful list | December 2014

The Scherlings wish you a merry Christmas from the plains! #christmasinkansas

01. a freelance copyediting project.
02. a crafty lunch break to help prep for the office kid's holiday party.
03. lunch with some of my favorite little ladies (and Erin too).
04. finding a fantastic pair of jeans.
05. the annual REUNION leadership community holiday party (candlepin bowling!).
06. a sparkly gold package from a Kickstarter project I backed (a special edition sized for grownups!).
07. a successful REUNION curriculum team meeting.
08. snow.
09. community group.
10. a couple fun work projects.
11. a haircut that I've been putting off for months.
12. another copyediting project.
13. the office holiday party.
14. the chance to wear a fun, sparkly party outfit.
15. the best date for the party (who also happens to look great in a suit).
16. watching the Sasaki Gnomie award presentations (hooray for happy, surprised friends!).
17. an uneventful eye doctors appointment.
18. my unique eyes: I now think of my one nearsighted eye and one farsighted eye as a superpower.
19. K-State live streaming graduation, so we could watch Caleb get his diploma.
20. a good Sunday at REUNION (I love Advent Conspiracy).
21. a quiet evening alone to catch up on errands.
22. our community group Christmas party.
23. a lunch run to Taza for Christmas presents.
24. endless chocolate samples at the Taza factory store.
25. the site group office holiday party.
26. the entertainment value of trying to match childhood photos to coworkers.
27. last pick at the Yankee Swap courtesy of an awesome coworker's best-cookie win.
28. a cathartic candy-making session (triple batch of apple cider caramels!).
29. an interesting office presentation, where I learned some tips for better managing time/email.
30. the corporate studio holiday party.
31. playing Family Feud at the corporate studio holiday party.
32. toasted ravioli (a.k.a. "t-rav").
33. new friends over for dinner (thanks for joining us, Jason and Christine).
34. the amazing short ribs Ian made.
35. a surprise visit from a good friend (have fun in London, Foxes!).
36. time to get everything ready for our trip back to Kansas.
37. fun at REUNION setup (and a later than usual start time thanks to the holiday schedule).
38. dinner with friends who are amazing cooks (Doctors Hu, you are incredible).
39. uneventful flights to Kansas City.
40. a kitchen for Ian to unleash his passion for cooking.
41. catching up with good friends over a tasty dinner (Karen, Jeremy, thanks for hosting us!).
42. a pit stop to Danenburg Jewelers to get our rings gussied up.
43. finally making it to Taco Lucha for lunch.
44. finding the last few items on our Christmas shopping list.
45. Dinner at Bourbon & Baker with Caleb and Kate for a belated graduation celebration.
46. time with Grandma, especially spritz-making lessons.
47. lots of time with all our family, who we miss dearly.
48. the incredibly awesome and thoughtful gifts we received.
49. Jurey family game time (Munchkins and Bohnanza!).
50. flipping through Grandma's photo album of her (glamorous) younger years and family in Sweden.
51. hearing family stories and memories prompted by Grandma's photo album.
52. safe travels to Dodge City.
53. lunch at the Taco Shop with friends we hadn't seen in years.
54. the Serial podcast, started and completed during our Kansas car time.
55. Aunt Susan's fantastic cooking.
56. a cozy fireplace when outside the snow was blowing sideways in frigid temperatures.
57. learning more about Grandma Marilyn's time at K-State, and Ian's genealogy.
58. starting a new year with my favorite person (happy anniversary, Ian).